Pixeline and the Jungle Treasure is a 2D side-scroller video game for Apple iPhone, set for release in December 2010. The game is developed and published by Progressive Media.

In the game, players must jump across surreal, not to mention sometimes-nostalgic worlds to battle a cast of dangers including deadly pits, crumbling ceilings, floating platforms, slippery surfaces, watery graves, evil fur balls, giant spikes, angry plants and much more.

The story is simple and gets you quickly started on your adventure. There are rumors of an ancient treasure hidden deep within a dark and dangerous jungle. Your job is to help Pixeline, the game's heroine, to navigate through the jungle in search of gold coins, treasure chests, and discover the mystery of the shape shifting animal spirits that reside within the jungle. The game will take you on a quest through twenty-three expertly designed levels and across five unique worlds filled with fun and challenging obstacles. But don't be fooled by the cute little girl or pretty colors of the game, because underneath the playful exterior lies a very clever and challenging adventure.

Pixeline and the Jungle Treasure gameplay video

Pixeline and the Jungle game features:

•23 exciting levels spanning 5 different worlds

•4 different character types, each with special skills

•Change into a myriad of different animals each with their own traits and abilities

•Intuitive and easy to learn controls

•Appropriate content and accessible gameplay for all ages


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