Persona 2: Innocent Sin is an RPG video game for Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP), release date to be announced later. The game is developed by Atlus. It is the first of a two-part sequel to the hit RPG Persona. It was released exclusively in Japan.

This enhanced PSP port updates the game with the improved battle system from Eternal Punishment, the second chapter in the Persona 2 story. The difficulty and balance have been adjusted as well. Going along with the change to widescreen, the game's interface is updated to make for a more user friendly experience, with party status and a mini map now shown on the field screen, and a visual display of party member movement order during battle. The game also features new illustration work from character designer Shigenori Soejima and over 100 arranged songs. Players are able to select between original and arranged versions of the music.

Persona 2: Innocent Sin game video

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