Here is the complete track list for the Natasha Bedingfield’s upcoming fourth studio album Strip Me, set for release on December 07, 2010 via Epic Records. The first single taken from the album was 'Touch', which was released in May 2010. Bedingfield confirmed that the song was just a "buzz single", and that the official first single would be released later in the year. A video was released for the single in August, 2010. The title track, 'Strip Me' was announced to be the first official single, following the "buzz single" 'Touch', and was released in September 2010.

Complete track list

1. "A Little Too Much"

2. "All I Need" (ft. Kevin Rudolf)

3. "Strip Me"

4. "Neon Lights"

Natasha Bedingfield, Strip Me, new, album, box, art 5. "Weightless"

6. "Can’t Fall Down"

7. "Try"

8. "Touch"

9. "Run Run Run"

10. "Break Thru"

11. "No Mozart"

12. "Recover"

13. "Weightless [Less Is More Version]"

Live Natasha Bedingfield "Touch"

Live Natasha Bedingfield - Strip Me

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