Guwange is a shooter video game for Xbox 360, set for release on November 10, 2010. The game is developed and published by Cave.

The game is set in the Muromachi period of Japanese history, Guwange tells the tale of the "Shikigami users", hosts to ghostly avatars called Shikigami. Unlike other Cave shooting games, known for their fighter craft and destructive machinery, the heroes of Guwange walk across the demonic landscape on their quest to rid themselves of the Shikigami curse, cutting a swath through their enemies.

The Xbox LIVE Arcade release of Guwange includes an Arcade Mode, ported directly from the arcade, an Arrange mode, featuring a more accessible design for new players, and a "Blue" version, previously shown only at Cave fan events.

Guwange gameplay video

Guwange, game, xbox, screen


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