Bit.Trip Fate is an action video game for Nintendo WiiWare. The game is developed by Gaijin Games and published by Aksys Games. Bit.Trip Fate is an on-rails side-scrolling shoot-'em-up that has CommanderVideo riding the vibe to discover his fate. CommanderVideo will need a little help from the friends he made in BIT.TRIP RUNNER to thwart the Mingrawn Timbletot who has mutated the world into an ugly technological nightmare.

Join forces with the Junior Melchkin, CommandgirlVideo and others to increase CommanderVideo's power and save the world. Whether you play in single-player or team up with a co-pilot, you'll have to keep a steady hand to navigate the vibe and aim your blasters at the twisted souls out to destroy you.

Bit.Trip Fate game features:

•FATE is the penultimate chapter in the six-part BIT.TRIP series that will leave you wondering what's next.

•The Nunchuk accessory controls CommanderVideo and the Wii Remote controller's pointer fires anywhere on screen!

Bit.Trip Fate game video

Bit.Trip Fate, game, nintendo, wii, game, screen

•Collect power-ups to call on CommanderVideo's friends for powerful shot upgrades!

•A chiptune-inspired dubstep soundtrack helps bring the action to a whole new level!

•Video game worlds collide with appearances from Super Meat Boy and Mr. Robotube!

•Chipmusic artist Minusbaby helps set the tone with a special guest appearance!


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