Worms: Battle Islands is a turn-based strategy video game, release date to be announced later. The game is developed and published by Team17 Software.

In the game, prepare to rally your worm troops and battle your way through Worms: Battle Islands! Take control of a secret island base, plot to defeat your enemies, expand your territory and win buildings and items that will give you a strategic advantage.

Create your own weapons of mass destruction in the weapon factory using the "technology crates" collected from the single player campaigns. And take advantage of an all-new game mode that offers unique tactical possibilities with a range of special abilities that can be deployed before each match even begins. Every battle is important if you want to win the war!

Worms: Battle Islands gameplay demo

Worms: Battle Islands, sony, psp, screen Worms: Battle Islands game features:

All new multi-player Tactics Mode, coupled with the player's secret island base feature.

New player ranking system awards the player with experience points; higher ranked players gain access to more of the game's locked items.

The utilities Flare and E.M.P. Grenade appear only in Worms: Battle Islands.

The only 2D version of Worms to feature the ability to design and create Custom Weapons. Brand new in-game environments not previously featured in a Worms title.

Appearance of a player's team is customisable to a higher degree than any other 2D Worms game, with new items including masks, backpacks and customisable power-bars.

Fresh presentation theme with all menus seemingly taking place within the player's secret island base, and all operations handled by the player's own four-worm strong team of staff.

PSP exclusive - an exclusive Time Attack mode, comprised of ten individual time-based single-player challenges.


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