System requirements (hardware specs) for upcoming PC video game Rise of Flight (Iron Cross Edition).

Minimum system requirements

Operating System: Windows Windows XP/Vista
Processor: Intel Core2 Quad 2.6 GHz
Memory: 3GB RAM
Hard Drive:
Video Card (graphics): 768 Mb graphics card
DirectX: DirectX 9.0c or higher

Rise of Flight game video

Rise of Flight, Iron Cross Edition, pc, game, box, art Rise of Flight (Iron Cross Edition) is a Flight Simulation video game developed by Neoqb and published by CompuExpert for PC system, set for release on June 29, 2010.

The game brings the classic, Red Baron style air battles of WWI to your PC with flyable versions of the famous Spad XIII and the deadly Fokker D.VII biplanes. Featuring advanced flight and physics models, amazing visuals, an ultra-detailed damage engine and powerful mission editor, Rise of Flight creates a hyper-realistic combat flight experience. Rise of Flight features both Single-Player Campaign and Online Multi-Player modes of play with built in statistics tracking and detailed career development including promotions and commendations.

The Rise of Flight: Iron Cross Edition comes chalk full of new features, loads of new content and numerous game play improvements such as two new modes of Multiplayer. This pack also comes with twice the flyable aircraft than the original release (a $40 value if bought separately) and twice the total amount of A.I. aircraft! You now have the ability to fly eight legendary WWI fighter planes alongside or against eleven other beautifully rendered aircraft including scouts, fighters, bombers and recon planes.

Rise of Flight (Iron Cross Edition) game features:

Special Edition - Pre-Order Bonus! Additional Free Aircraft. (Nieuport 17 or Albatros D.III)

Special Edition - Exclusive! Updated and Printed Combat Theatre Map and Awards Poster. - Bonus!

Special Edition - Official Skin-Pack featuring hundreds of historically accurate paintjobs included.

Multiplayer Dogfight Mode with re-spawn capability with support up to 64 players.

Quick Mission Builder. Quickly create custom combat scenarios in seconds. - Offline Mode. Now fly Single-Player Missions, Campaigns and Quick Missions without the need for an internet connection.

Two Scripted Campaigns - "Hat in the Ring" and "Du Doch Nicht" Both Campaigns feature new Awards and Medals you can win.

Mission Recorder and Playback system. Save and re-live your best dogfighting moments.

In-game Product Registration makes initial set up and account creation much simpler.

Winter Terrain textures with snowflakes.- G-Effects with blackout and red out and pilot wound effects featuring blood splatter, ringing ears and control difficulty.- Two original terrain maps for custom mission creation and multiplayer matches.- Support for Custom Skins including custom Skin Viewer tool. - Enhanced Graphics featuring High Dynamic Range (HDR) lighting, updated cloud layers with ultra-realistic looking rain-drops.- Realistic wind and turbulence patterns that interacts with smoke and functioning, realistic windsocks at airfields.

Fully adjustable and customizable controller options including custom Joystick curves.


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