Swords & Soldiers is a releal time strategy video game for Sony PlayStation 3 (PS3), release date to be announced later. The game is developed and published by Ronimo Games.

In the game, three distinct factions battle for the powers of the gods. The game will feature a single player campaign and a competitive splitscreen multiplayer mode as well as several other game modes.

Swords & Soldiers game features:

Strategic Depth - Even though dishing out commands is easy as pie, that doesn't mean you can just click buttons and expect to walk all over the enemy. Choosing the right guy for the job and zapping the proper enemy at the right time is what this game is all about. So put on your thinking cap and get to strategizin'.

Swords & Soldiers, ps3, game, box, art Style - Thinking up new strategies is hard. But luckily you won't have to look at some wooden blocks or plastic tokens while doing it. A fresh style, full of character greets you when playing Swords & Soldiers. You'll traverse lush jungles and sun-soaked deserts while you humiliate your opponents.

Modes Galore - Every last drop of gameplay has been squeezed from the mechanics in each game mode modes. To start you out, there are 10 level campaigns for each of the three factions. These start out easy to teach you the basics, but they build up to some seriously epic final conflicts. Then there are the skirmish modes, in which you can crush human or AI in customizable battles. And, to top it all off, there are three distinct challenge modes which twist specific parts of the gameplay into crazy high-score based time devourers.

Historical Inaccuracy - The team has done plenty of research into the historic background of the three factions. And then, it was all thrown out of the window, but they made up some entertaining bits which seemed sort of more fun. Finally, they added some other totally irrelevant funny bits about hot sauce and bolted them on for maximum absurdity!


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