Princess Fury is an action video game developed and published by Mo-Star Mobile Games for Apple iPhone.

This gorgeously illustrated action game boasts a combination of classic arcade action style and a creative, real-time strategic battle system. As Princess Fury, players strike down enemies with the combined power of servants and soldiers. With stunning swordplay and magic, players can combat over 100 enemies at once in epic battles that rely on collaboration with friendly forces as much as one's own competence and courage.

Princess Fury gameplay video

Princess Fury, apple, iphone,image Princess Fury game features:

20 challenging stages including Ancient Forest, Despair Desert, Lava Land and Castle Fortress.

5 mission types: elimination, defense, capture the crystals, escort and boss battles. Players can repeat favorite stages to gain experience and strengthen the Princess' skills.

Beautifully detailed artwork combined with easy-to-use game controls on iPhone.

Intense battles with over 100 characters on the same screen; defeat hordes of enemies with simple but deadly controls.

Multiple servants and soldiers to strengthen Princess Fury's battle forces. Each type of servant and soldier possesses unique skills and abilities.

Real-time help in six languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Japanese and Chinese.

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