Nightscape is a horror film, set for release in 2011 by Imperiad Entertainment.

Movie synopsis: In Nightscape, three high school seniors are drawn into a world of living nightmares. Exposed to a frightening creature of unknown origin, the teens unexpectedly gain paranormal powers. As these powers grow and change the trio suspect they’ve become hapless pawns in a larger war between ancient forces of good and evil.

The film is a smart supernatural thriller that combines compelling drama and surreal, Lovecraftian horror. It marks a return to the psychological terror of films like Videodrome and In the Mouth of Madness. Writer-director David W. Edwards, founder of Imperiad Entertainment LLC, is currently seeking the finances to shoot the picture in late-2010, with theatrical distribution tentatively planned for fall 2011. The film will be line produced by Keith C.A. Jones, who worked on The Amityville Horror re-make and served as first assistant director on the upcoming films The Truth and The Runaways.

Nightscape movie trailer

The behind-the-scenes team will consist of a number of industry stalwarts, including director of photography Patrick Neary (Calvin Marshall), mechanical and special makeup effects supervisor Brian Sipe of Gamut Studios (The Abyss, Pirates of the Caribbean 2 & 3, Star Trek 2009), key grip Chip Ingram (Cloverfield, The Road), and Emmy-nominated editor Bri Dellinger (Project Runway).

The recently-completed teaser trailer for the film made its world premiere at the New York City Horror Film Festival, America’s largest and most recognized genre film festival focusing solely on horror and science fiction.

Nightscape, movie, poster

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