NeoGeo Battle Coliseum is a fighting video game for Xbox 360 , the game is developed and published by SNK Playmore.

In the game, a special cast of NEOGEO characters bring their fight to competitive tag-team battles. In addition to original heroes and heroines, it features a host of unique characters that transcend time. Armed with weapons and robots, warriors from both old and new titles of the once dominant NeoGeo platform have been amassed under one roof in this new Xbox LIVE Arcade version, featuring both character and background graphics redone in high definition.

NeoGeo Battle Coliseum game video

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NeoGeo Battle Coliseum game features:

FROM NOSTALGIC FAVORITES TO MAJOR HITS...NEOGEO’S STARS ARE ALL HERE! The full host of popular game characters that made the “NEOGEO” platform legend collide! Characters wildly popular among fans of all game genres have been carefully selected from classic titles regarded as game masterpieces—such as, need we say?, Fatal Fury, Samurai Shodown, and KOF—to make the sparks fly! And you’ll also find a new male-female duo of original protagonists. Just savor their fighting style!!!

HIGH-RESOLUTION GRAPHICS WILL DAZZLE AND THEN BLOW YOU AWAY! All graphics with this conversion to XBLA, including characters and backgrounds, have been newly rendered in high-resolution imaging. Are these images refined from the arcade version sure to further heat up the action of this dream all-star battle? Def! High def!

DREAM BATTLES ARE 2-ON-2, FIGHT-TO-THE-FINISH TAG BATTLES! In Battle Coliseum, two teams of two characters each basically clash in tag-team battles! Tag off with partners anytime in battles. Do it wrong and snatch defeat from the jaws of victory ... Keep fighting without tagging off for 8 seconds or more and meet certain conditions to be able to use a “Double Assault” combination move with your partner. Along with the usual damage, you can also seize victory with super powerful attacks that rob your opponents of their ability to restore life energy!!!

ISSUE YOUR CHALLENGE TO RIVALS AROUND THE WORLD WITH ONLINE BATTLES! Xbox LIVE network lets you take on worthy rivals both foreign and domestic via online battles! Wage furious battles with opponents beyond borders in every nook and cranny of the world!!!

A VARIETY OF MODES AND FUNCTIONS ENRICH YOUR ENJOYMENT OF THE GAME! This title is packed with a wide variety of elements like Color Edit that lets you create a character shaded to your tastes, Survival Mode to test how many matches you can win in succession before your life energy runs out, Practice Mode that allows you to undergo various types of practice sessions, and Gallery Mode for looking over game art, background art, and all sorts of other goodies! Make the most of these to savor all of the excitement and fun of Battle Coliseum!


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