Days of Thunder: NASCAR Edition is a racing video game for Sony PlayStation Network (PSN), set for release in Q3 2010.The game is developed by Piranha Games and published by Paramount Digital Entertainment.

The game gives players the opportunity to go head-to-head against select NASCAR Sprint Cup drivers, including champions such as Jimmie Johnson, Jeff Gordon, and Tony Stewart, and the drivers from the iconic "Days of Thunder" film from Paramount Pictures. Featuring multiple single-player and online multiplayer modes, gamers will take the wheel as one of the hottest drivers on the circuit to prove that "you can't stop the thunder!"

In the game, players will join Rowdy Burns' team as the latest rookie to tear up the NASCAR circuit.

Days of Thunder, NASCAR, Edition With Rowdy as their coach, players will learn to hit the pit, upgrade their ride and trade paint with other cars. They can even "drop the hammer" like Cole Trickle for a boost of extra speed. As players race to the top of the scoreboard, they will unlock car customization options and bonus tracks.Depending on how players place in races, take the lead in laps, and pick up new sponsors, they will win in-game currency necessary to refuel, make pit stops, and upgrade their cars. Players' driving styles will be monitored by an in-game tracking system, allowing players to be approached by like-minded sponsors.

In Days of Thunder: NASCAR Edition, up to 12 people can race to the finish online, log the fastest times on the leader boards, or push themselves to the limit in single-player. There are four different modes - Quick Race, Time Trial, Career, with circuits of varying difficulty, and Derby Mode, where players are encouraged to deal as much damage as they can.


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