Chocobo Panici is an action video game for Apple iPad, developed and published by Square Enix. In the game, catch the chocobos specified as they move about the field. Once you're holding a certain number of chocobos, you must release one of them. When it's time to release a chocobo, “Let go!” will appear in the window and an effect will show around the chocobo to release. If you release the wrong chocobo, it will count as a mistake.

Chocobo Panici, game, cover, image Chocobo Panici game features:

In 1 Player & Co-Op, mode, use up to six fingers to catch chocobos one after another and aim for the High Score.

In 2 Player mode, use one iPad and compete against each other until someone makes a mistake. If you release your hand too soon, you'll lose.

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