Captain Blood is an action adventure video game for Xbox 360, release date to be announced later. The game is developed by SeaWolf and published by 1C Company.

The game takes place on the Spanish Main of the 17th century. Players take the role of a noble pirate, following his fascinating adventures and chasing for gold and glory. This mission-based game brings players to unique battlefields on both land and sea with ship-to-ship battles and swashbuckling sword fights.

In combat, players engage in action packed hack'n'slash fights with fierce hand-to-hand combat, hordes of enemies to defeat and a diverse fighting system with deadly combos and fatalities.

Captain Blood, game, xbox, screen, image Experience intense naval battles - fire cannons and defend the deck from blood-thirsty boarding crews. Gain gold and use it to improve your fighting abilities, get upgrades and buy new weapons. Fight your way to wealth and glory!

Captain Blood game features:

Classic pirate adventure: live a life of the most noble and brave pirate.

Real action: fiery hand-to-hand combats. Defeat tough enemies using various combat techniques.

Step on a pirate ship's deck to destroy enemy ships with cannon fire.

Be in the heart of the battle! Use cutlasses, pistols, muskets, throwing knives and hand bombs to dispose of wily opponents. Don’t forget about dirty pirate tricks!

Unique graphics style resembling a graphic novel.

Realistic ship behavior and damage model.

Fully dynamic lights and shadows.


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