Banzai Rabbit is an action video game for Apple iPhone, developed and published by Revolutionary Concepts.

In the game, look up in the sky it's a bird, it's a plane, it's ... a Rabbit !? Banzai Rabbit hops in to save the world, and delivers an epic 3D platforming adventure! Taking its cues from classic sci-fi story The Fly, all the best super-hero movies, and with a big nod to your favorite arcade classics, Banzai Rabbit (formerly Frogman) tells the story of what can go wrong when a rabbit, a flea and two scientists -- one good and one evil - all find themselves involved in a terrible cloning accident.

Leaving you to save the world from certain destruction by an evil flea genius while avoiding getting squished by traffic, all so you can get your dream girl back!

Banzai Rabbit game video

Banzai Rabbit, game, apple, iphone Banzai Rabbit game features:

142 rounds of gorgeous 3D gameplay set across 34 locations / levels.

A wide range of unique environments that include City Streets, Rivers, Train Yards, Metal Works, and even a Sewer)

Story and Challenge Modes

Bonus levels

Super Power-Ups - Slow time and leap locomotives in a single bound.

Customisable Controls (swipe and tap, d-pad, side buttons) *both left and right handed.

Online Leaderboards and Awards to unlock

Flip screen orientation.


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