Things On Wheels is an arcade racing video game for Xbox 360, developed by Load Inc. and published by Focus Home Interactive.

The game places players at the helm of radio-controlled vehicles as they compete on tracks set within a gigantic house.

A key innovation for Things On Wheels is its non-linear track design. Moving from room to room within an expansive virtual house, courses are constructed from routes that incorporate everyday items as hazards and obstacles. It's entirely possible that a championship could be won by taking the right path around a set of table legs, or cruelly lost by failing to avoid the searing heat of an electric heater.

Things On Wheels game video

Things On Wheels , box, art, screen, image Things On Wheels game features:

1-4 Players including cooperative and multiplayer via Xbox Live

Full voice support

Realistic controls and physics for each car

RC models ranging from Muscle cars to Sportster class

Regular downloadable content updates planned

12 off the wall achievements available

Unique tracks and settings as you race through an Art Deco Mansion

In-game bonuses and obstacles offer players interesting options while racing


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