Supermarket Mania is a simulation video game for Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP), set to be released on May 18, 2010. The game is developed by G5 Entertainment and published by Big Fish Games.

In Supermarket Mania you must assist Nikki in managing a chain of supermarkets around town. In 5 distinct shops and 50 challenging levels, Nikki will have to keep all the shelves well stocked and serve a diverse collection of customers, including hard-to-please celebrities. But it won't be enough for Nikki to just keep her customers happy - she also has to deal with thieves and unruly teenagers, as well as her main competitor, the TORG Corporation, a mega supermarket chain run by robots.

Supermarket Mania game video

Supermarket Mania, sony, psp, box, art, cover, image Supermarket Mania game features:

50 Challenging Levels

5 Distinct Shops

13 Diverse Products

22 Exciting Accessories and Upgrades

Playable on Both PSP and PlayStation 3

For more information, including screenshots and a game trailer please visit Supermarket Mania's home page at


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