The Jailhouse is a horror film written and directed by Billy Lewis, and stars: C. Thomas Howell as Seth Delray, Lindsey McKeon as Maddy, Darren Dalton as Donnie, Rey Valentin as Stark, Siri Baruc as Grace, David Schifter as Calvin Simpkins, Madison Weidberg as Jillian, Brandon Luck as Jim Kenton and Phillip Troy Linger as Sheriff Hooper

Movie synopsis: Throughout the 1900's, a jailer and his family occupied the first floor of the jailhouse in Colton, NC while criminals loomed above on the second floor. Certain events 30 years ago led to its closure. Present day, the Colton Sheriff allows new deputy Seth Delray (C. Thomas Howell) and his family to live rent—free at the old jailhouse while their house is being remodeled. Shortly after the Delray's move in there is a fire at the current jail forcing the Sheriff to make the tough decision to house six inmates back at the old jailhouse. Within a matter of days, Seth Delray's life changes forever.

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