Flick Baseball Pro is a sports video game for Apple iPhone, available now on the iTunes App Store for $2.99. The game is developed and published by Freeverse.

In the game, choose from 34 unique teams with their own persistent stats or create your own team and customize everything, from players' individual strengths, to uniform colors, player names and more!

Accelerometer-based controls for both batting and pitching, and fun tap-based fielding makes beginner players easily feel like seasoned pros! Two difficulty modes ensure a non-stop challenge when players graduate to the majors.

Flick Baseball Pro game video

Flick Baseball Pro, iphone, gamePlay a full 165-game season or shorter variations, with automatic tracking of progress, ranking, and stats. Or for a quick thrill, exhibition mode allows you to simulate a single 3 or 9 inning game, and with Spring Training you can stretch your pitching arm or practice your skills hitting the long ball! You don't have to wait to tell your friends or family about your amazing season, either. Send Postman postcards right from the game to all your favorite social networks and brag about your baseball skills! Plus+ integration allows you to track your progress with players the world over, with awards and online leaderboards.

Flick Baseball Pro game features:

Full accelerometer controlled aiming
34 unique teams
Full team and player customization
11-33-66-165 game seasons
Playoff brackets
Game simulations

Download Flick Baseball Pro on the iTunes App Store here: http://bit.ly/cbw3Jb
For more information, please visit: http://freeverse.com/flickbaseballpro

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  1. joeyjuviyani Says,

    The game is pretty nice with arcade-style baseball stimulation. Here the game offers you some quick hits and runs which might make you feel like Baseball player. Here is the complete review on "Flick Baseball Pro iPhone":

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