Fire Panic is an action video game, developed and published by Yullaby for Apple iPhone, available now for download at the Apple App Store for $.99.

In the game, the game Featuring a trendy retro look and dynamic gameplay that takes full advantage of the iPhone and iPod Touch touchscreens, Fire Panic pits would-be firefighters against a seemingly never-ending barrage of catastrophes needing immediate attention. Whether it is blazes that need dousing, kittens that need rescuing or upstanding citizens under attack from aggressive killer bees, only those with the fastest fingers will emerge victorious and save the day.

Fire Panic game video

Fire Panic, iphone, video, game The single screen development by the French games studio Yullaby in the tradition of 1980s' game & watch applications, Fire Panic feature user-friendly game mechanics making it immediately accessible to casual and hardcore gamers. As a special feature, Fire Panic allows players to transfer their achieved scores to a Facebook leaderboard, going up against friends and relatives in a challenging competition for the crown of the best Fire Panic player.


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