DynamoKid Touch is a platformer video game, available now for download from the App Store at $1.99 on Apple iPhone and iPod touch. The game is developed and published by OrangePixel.

DynamoKid Touch has been re-mastered with new touch controls taking another excursion to Dream Island. Collecting stars has never been fun before until now, clearing paths, removing baddies, destroying hazards and debri, and last but not least make DynamoKid jump!

DynamoKid Touch game video

DynamoKid Touch, game, screen, image DynamoKid Touch game features:

•OrangePixel's distinctive graphics

•Original touch-based gameplay

•Randomly generated game worlds (unlimited replay value!)

•Unlockable achievements

•Global, cross-platform, online rankings

•8-bit style sound effects

•Unlockable worlds

•and many free updates planned!

For more information, please visit www.orangepixel.net/dynamokid/


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