Dive: The Medes Islands Secret is an action video game for Nintendo Wii, release date to be announced later. The game is developed and published by Cosmonaut Games.

In the game, John Sanders is a hero on an adventure under the sea in Dive: The Medes Islands Secret. His journey will bring him to the wonders of the Medes Islands, a fantastic protected natural landscape located at the heart of the Costa Brava in Catalonia, Spain.

Dive: The Medes Islands Secret re-creates underwater scenes from 10 different real locations from around the world. Players can explore large levels filled with enemies, labyrinths, dangers and treasures. It contains an economic system that will enable players to exchange or upgrade their diving equipment, which is required to reach th deepest mysteries.

Dive: The Medes Islands Secret game video

Dive: The Medes Islands Secret, nintendo, wii, game Dive: The Medes Islands Secret game features:

3 levels of difficulty.

10 levels.

Players can upgrade their swimsuits, fins, speargun, and more.

Enemies of all types, from giant octopus to sharks.


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