8Ball Allstars is a sports video game for Nintendo DS, developed by Code Monkeys and published by O-Games.

In the game, with a fully customisable feature set, the game allows players to style their game and play however they like, wherever they like. 8Ball Allstars is a modern and stylish take on pool, set in a global environment with a host of gameplay features to choose from.

8 Ball Allstars game video

8 Ball Allstars, game, image, screen, box, art, cover 8Ball Allstars game features:

•Seven game types including 3, 6, 8, 9, 10 ball, straight pool and rotation
•UK & American rule sets
•12 Al opponents, each with multiple levels of playing ability
•Unlock different shaped tables and unique environments
•Customize and sketch your avatar and table signature
•15 contemporary environments
•Send messages to your opponents during play with DS Wireless Communication and Multiplayer Chat
•Realistic table physics

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