StreetDance is a UK dance film set to be released in May 2010. The movie is written by Jane English and directed by Max Giwa / Dania Pasquini, and stars: Charlotte Rampling as Helena, Eleanor Bron as Madame Fleurie, Chris Wilson as Cafe Parent, Rachel McDowall as Isabella, Patrick Baladi as Mr Harding, Nichola Burley as Carly, Jocelyn Jee Esien as Delilah, George Sampson as Eddie, Tameka Empson as Sharonda, Jennifer Leung as Bex, Diversity as Dance Crew, Rhiann Keys as Ballet Dancer, Sianad Gregory as Chloe, Richard Winsor as Tomas, Mark Tristan Eccles as Trendy Guy in Park, Flawless as Dance Crew, David Cunningham as Audience Member, Ukweli Roach as Jay, Daniella Masterson as Ballet Dancer, Teneisha Bonner as Shawna, Kofi Aggyman as Mack, Brendan Conway as Audience Dancer / member and Lex Milczarek as Boogie.

Movie Synopsis: The film tells the story of a group of street dancers rehearsing for the StreetDance Championships. When they lose their rehearsal space and are forced to team up with a group of ballet dancers, the dancers are challenged to succeed in a whole new world. With some of the best dancers in Europe, StreetDance is a fun, uplifting, celebration of UK dance.

StreetDance 3D (2010) movie trailer

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