Happy Wars is a mass multiplayer fantasy war action game, set to be released in Q4 2010 for PC and Xbox. The game allows battles of up to 128 players. Its original communication system allows players from all over the world to bypass the language barrier and have fun together.

Each time the game begins, the player spawns as a Level 1 character of one of three classes - Warrior, Mage or Cleric .The player will advance towards the enemy’s castle with his/her teammate through a map set in a fantasy world. During battles against the enemy team, the Warrior will use a sword and shield to fight at close range, the Mage will cast spells such as Fireball and Lightning Bolt from long range, and the Cleric will support his/her allies with healing and buffing spells. It is also possible to set up catapults and crossbow turrets on the castle ramparts, as well as set up pit traps on flatland. The player earns Experience Points and advances in levels by defeating enemies and capturing bases.

Happy Wars game features:

Up to 128 players is planned. Adrenaline-pumping P2P war action

Hundreds of pre-recorded voice cues for 10 languages worldwide! Quick and easy messages that will be shown in each player's main language

There are tactical commands to coordinate attack and defense and emotes to express chuckling or fuming. Players all over the world can enjoy quick and easy communication regardless of language

Prairies bathed in sunlight, gigantic trees standing there for thousands of years, barren deserts and tropical islands, a dark world where terror reigns supreme...A wide variety of maps to color your battles

Take your pick of dozens of character models and combine your favorite items to create a unique character

Your character learns more moves and grows more powerful as you earn levels. Earn numerous medals and special items

Grab various new items coming up as downloadable content

Happy Wars, game, screens, screen, new, images, pc, info, video
Happy Wars, game, screens, screen, new, images, pc, info
Happy Wars, game, screens, screen, new, images, pc, info


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