Drift Street International is a racing video game, release date March 22, 2010. The game is published by Tantalus for Nintendo DSi. The game built from the ground up exclusively for Nintendo DSiTM, Drift Street International is the ultimate high-speed, white-knuckle street racing experience.

Slide and boost your tuned performance car around challenging city streets across the US, UK and Japan, in high-intensity midnight races. Precise, responsive controls give you total control of your car –push yourself to the edge and own your opponents!

Drift Street International game video

Take a clean, fast line around a corner, or drift sideways through it, building your nitrous meter to let you boost past your opponents on the next straight. Pick your moment carefully... split-second decision making is the difference between taking the chequered flag and taking the bus home.

Test your skills against challenging, aggressive AI drivers, or take on your friends in four-player head-to-head wireless races.

Additionally, each track plays host to arcade-style checkpoint races and challenging speed trials in which you have to keep the speedo close to the max or risk getting eliminated!

Unmatched speed, smoothness and draw distance are only possible by taking full advantage of the expanded Nintendo DSi hardware.

For more information about the game visit www.driftstreetinternational.com


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