Fruit Fly is a musical film, set for release on August 11, 2010. The film is written and directed by H.P. Mendoza, and stars: L.A. Renigen, Mike Curtis, Theresa Navarro, Aaron Zaragoza, E.S. Park, Christian Cagigal, Don Wood, Michelle Talgarow, Christina Augello, Shelly Kim, M. Cat Alleyne, Nanrisa Lee, Casey Ley, Sam Roemer and Ryan Morales.

Movie synopsis: Fruit Fly is a musical comedy about Bethesda, a Filipina performance artist finding home in the unlikeliest places. She moves into an artist commune in an attempt to workshop her latest piece which deals with finding her biological parents. In the process, she finds an artistic family, clues of her mother’s whereabouts, and the startling possibility that she just might be a fag-hag.

Subplots include her relationship with her roommates in the artist commune, and their relationships with each other.

Fruit Fly Movie Trailer

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